[QT's with Jessica] - John 7:1-24

My Summer time Bible Readings with 11 year old Jessica.

John 7:1-13

Does that make sense to you?

J -So Jesus went secretly? I don't get how he could go and not be seen?

I'm not sure. Perhaps he used a miracle to make himself look different, or maybe he just stayed in the shadows and made sure his friends didn't see him, people who knew what he looked like.

Why do you think he went in secret?

J -So the Jews wouldn't know? or maybe he wanted to see what they were doing?

I'm just not sure, lets read on.

John 7:14-24

Do you have any questions?

J - Why did he go and teach then, not earlier?

Well, he said to his brothers that it wasn't his time. Maybe he wanted to go and listen and watch the people so he could know what to teach them, to understand what they needed. But I really don't know why.

What about the last thing he said, does that makes sense?

J A little. It's kind of like don't judge a book by its cover.

What does that mean?

J - Don't judge people by what's outside, judge by what's inside.

He says "Stop judging only by what you see. Judge correctly." Remember how he's trying to get people to see things spiritually instead of physically. I think that's what he's talking about. He talks about the man he healed on the Sabbath, remember how they were angry?

J - Yes.

He says how they will allow some work to be done on the Sabbath if its for a greater good.

J- What's the Sabbath?

It's their holy day, remember that God told them to rest on the Sabbath.

J -Oh it's like on Postcards From Buster, when he was in New York with some Jewish people, on the Sabbath buster had to turn off his video camera.

Yes, that's right. So the Jews would let a baby be circumcised if the 7th day falls on the Sabbath, but they were angry at Jesus for healing a whole person on the Sabbath. Jesus says that doesn't make sense. If that's ok, why isn't it OK for Jesus to heal a man on the Sabbath?

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