[QT's with Jessica] - John 6:41-71

My Summer time Bible Readings with 11 year old Jessica.

Do you remember in what we read last time that Jesus was talking about spiritual things and the people were thinking about physical things? Do you understand that?

J - Not really.

What are physical things?

J -Things you can see?

Yes, see, hear, smell and touch - they take up space. So what would spiritual things be?

J - Things you can't see? I don't know

Well you can't 'see' them like you can this computer or desk, but you can 'see' them like you understand them. Like saying "I see what you mean."

Spititual things are ideas and thoughts that have to do with your heart and soul, who you are inside. So it's the way you think about things, how you think and what you believe. Spiritual things are important because they tell who you are inside.

You can pretend to be somebody different that who you are inside by how you act physically. Can you think of how?

J - I'm not sure if this fits, but once I pretended to be Hannah Montana, but I'm really not.

That's kind of it, but that's just pretend, everyone knows you're not Hannah Montana. Here's another example:

Say you really don't someone in your class, actually you hate them because they are mean. God says we shouldn't hate anyone,right?

J -Ummm-Hmmm

But when you go to school, you act nice to them and you talk to them and tell them nice things like they look good that day or something. In your heart, you don't think so, but you act like you do. Does tha make sense?

J - Yes.

So God knows that spiritually, in you heart, you hate them, but you act like you don't. The person you really are is the hateful one, though, and God knows it.

That's why Jesus wants the people to think spiritually. God knows that what's in our heads and hearts is who we really are and that is what will effect how we act and what we say.

John 6:41- 59

The poeple are still thinking about physical things, arent' they?

J - Yep.

John 6:60-71

Jesus says exactly what we've been talking about John 6:63.

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