Luke 1

Time to put my money where my mouth is on m Bible study. I've decided that a study of Jesus is in order. I don't recall doing a study of Luke, which means it's been a long time, so that's what I'm going to do. As with Ezekiel, I'm reading from the ESV. One of these days I need to change the verse linking around here to point to the ESV. For now, it's still the NIV.

Luke 1:6 - Before the grace of Jesus, two people were described as "walking blamelessly in all the commandments and statutes of the Lord." What that reminds me is that grace is not a concept invented at the cross, for certainly they were not sin free (Zechariah proves this in a minute). It was in God's nature all along to look past the sin of those earnestly seeking him.

Luke 1:18 - After all that prophesy concerning his life (a baby, and a prophet!), he answers basically "Dude, how can I believe that? I'm an old man, and my wife's old too!" It's hard to imagine seeing an angel, hearing that prophesy and then questioning his intelligence. Actually, come to think of it, I can imagine doing that, being the judgemental dope that I am.

Luke 1:19 - Gabriel answers - "Hey - I stand in the presence of God and He told me to tell you!" and then puts him in his place. I have to wonder - was the making Z. mute Gabe's idea or did God tell him to? I can imagine Gabriel being disgusted at the lack of respect and laying this on Zechariah on his own. Of course, he couldn't have done so (assuming he did) unless God had given him such authority. I like the idea that God would do such a thing as give an angel the trust to discipline a man if he saw fit.

Luke 1:23-25 - There's a comedic scene here that was left out. Zechariah comes home with the amazing knowledge of this vision and no voice to tell Elizabeth about it. Seeing that a new baby - a baby boy - was part of it, I imagine he was excited to, uh, make sure it was fulfilled if you know what I mean. But he couldn't talk to her to make it happen. I'm thinking that might have been kinda funny.

Luke 1:34 - Notice the difference between Mary's response and Zechariah's. He asks how he's supposed know that it's true, she asks just "How?".

Luke 1:39-45 - I wonder if these women really understood what they were a part of? Certainly, time would show it, but even then, did they understand the impact their sons would have? I would have liked to hear some more of their conversations from this meeting.

Luke 1:64-66 - I wonder if we would be impressed with something like this today. I think we are too jaded, too surrounded with special effects and medical miracles. I somehow doubt that this wold create the same kind of stir.

Luke 1:76 - "And you, child, ..." Can you hear the pride in Zechariah's voice? I can recall looking at my baby girls and wondering, what will this child bring? What does the Lord have in store for you, little one? I'm still not sure for mine and I wait to see it revealed. He knew that God has chosen him for a special mission, a one of a kind assignment. Imagine knowing that of your child.

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Luke is my favorite Gospel. Christmas time is a good time to be going through it.

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  • Luke is my favorite Gospel. Christmas time is a good time to be going through it. ...