Luke 7

Luke 7:3-4 - I never noticed this before: The centurion did not send for Jesus himself, he sent for the Jewish elders to get Jesus. And the elders did. The Pharasees and 'leaders' get a lot of press in the gospels, evidently because they were quite vocal and following Jesus. But here are the elders, mature respected men in the community, humbly approaching Jesus, with respect, for a favor. I wonder how many other times in the gospels the Jewish elders are mentioned?

Luke 7:8 - Here's a man who knew his place and knew Jesus' as well.

Luke 7:11-17 - I want to know the back story of this. What became of the woman and her son? What of the people who saw it? Did the return to their lives as if nothing miraculous had happened that day, or were they changed, and sought the man who had done the impossible?

Luke 7:18-19 - Here's John, who announced his comming, baptised him, saw the spirit descend on him and now recieved reports of the dead risen, wondering if Jesus is really the one. It gives me hope that even John, who saw more evidence that all of us ever will, had his moments of doubt.

Luke 7:22 - Jesus does not give John a clear answer, only say to look again at the evidence before you. You know the answer.

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