Luke 9:28-62

Luke 9:30-31 - I wonder if He had these kind of meetings with dead prophets when He was praying alone? :-D

Luke 9:36 - I wonder why they didn't tell anyone at the time? Did Jesus tell them not to? I would think they would have wanted to share it, at least with the rest of the twelve.

Luke 9:37-38 - Jesus left the remaining disciples with the crowd and was gone overnight. How did he get away without the crowd following? Perhaps the crowd gathered in the morning around the disciples, waiting for Jesus' return. I picture this man, after begging the disciples to do something and getting nowhere, seeing Jesus approach, so he runs to meet Him.

Luke 9:41 - Seeing this in the context of Jesus just returning from his consultation with Moses and Elijah on his departure, this comment make more sense. In addition to his longing for the people to have ore faith, he's ready to go home.

I can imagine that God looks down at us and longs for us to lift our eyes from the ordinary day to day and see him in his glory and simply have faith beyond what we see. But we all too often cannot see beyond the here and now and our own capabilities. It's hard to conceive a God who is far, far bigger that we and far, far more capable. We tend to see him, and our ability to act with him, as like us.

I want to see as God sees, to imagine the possibilities he does. I imagine it would be amazing and frightening.

Luke 9:44 - I'm enjoying reading the ESV instead of the familiar NIV. The different wording is a bit like reading it anew, things jump out that were hidden before. Here Jesus says (emphasis mine): "Let these words sink into your ears: The Son of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men." Cool.

Luke 9:49-50 - I think John would have fit into American Christianity just fine. Some guy wasn't following Jesus like they were, so he must be stopped. Jesus says no, and he lets this guy continue to use his name even though he wasn't with Jesus.

Luke 9:54-55 - I wonder if John thought he had this one figured out. These folks were against Jesus, they refused to welcome him. We can nuke these guys, right? Nope.

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