Luke 19

Luke 19:1-10 - As if to prove the point of the rich finding the kingdom, here's the story of Zacchaeus. How did he find salvation? Through giving away half of what he had. Half. and beyond that, he promissed out of the remaining half to repay anyone he had defrauded. Was it in the act of giving away his wealth that he found redemptions? It's not possible to say definitively from the text, but I'd say yes and no. The simple act of giving does not save. In other words, the rich who give to seek redemption will not find it. It's the heart change that made the act not only possible but natural that brought salvation, I think.

Luke 19:30-34 - I love this story. Imagine going into town and finding a convertible along side the road. You hop in to go and bring Jesus into town. The owner comes how, and wonders what's going on. "The Lord needs it", you reply. Can you imagine them being fine witht hat explination? :-D

Luke 19:37-40 - This always made me wonder, in light of how in only a few days they would be calling for his death. It makes more sense to me in light of verse 11:

As they heard these things, he proceeded to tell a parable, because he was near to Jerusalem, and because they supposed that the kingdom of God was to appear immediately.

They had been following Jesus, amazed at what he had done, and they expected as he entered Jeruselem to usher in the kingdom. So as he entered, they couldn't help but rejoice.

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