Mark 2 - Through the Roof

Mark 2:1 - I wonder what the conversation was like when he came home. "Mom, you should have seen the crowds ..."

Mark 2:4 - Is Mark saying that they lowered the paralytic through the roof in Jesus' house? I bet Jesus had to answer to Mary on that one. "Young man, you're going to clean this up." I wonder if Jesus repaired the roof?

Think about this scene for a minute. Jesus is preaching and some dust begins to fall from the ceiling. Then some larger chunks. Pretty soon, daylight breaks through. He probably kept preaching for a while, but at some point, Jesus probably stopped and just watched them. I bet it took some time, and there was a fair amount of time where folks were just staring at them, cutting a hole in Jesus' roof.

All eyes on them, yet the kept digging. No wonder Jesus was amazed at them.

Mark 2:9-12 - I wonder, was he able to walk once Jesus pronounced his sins forgiven, or not until he actually told him to walk? Jesus seems to equate the two, so I suspect that he could have gotten up, he just didn't make the connection. I wonder if he was lying there thinking "Sins forgiven? That's nice and all, but I came here so I could walk!"

Mark 2:18-20 - It seems that Jesus here is calling his time with the disciples like the wedding itself. A celebrations, a party,. No fasting during the party, it would be out of place. But once the wedding is completed, then the business of married life begins. Then there is joy and pain, laughter and sorrow, celebration and fasting.

Mark 2:23-24 - I have this picture in my mind of Jesus and the disciples walking through a field with the Pharisees scurrying around them, waiting for them to do something wrong and then going "See! See! They screwed up! Ha! I caught 'em! I caught 'em!"

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