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The Smithereens - 11Daniel Ross at Alien Soil has been doing Five for Friday for some time and I always enjoy it. He borrowed the idea from someone else and I'm borrowing it from him.

The deal is this. He fires up his iPod, sets it on random and hits play. First five songs get posted to his blog. I don't have an iPod, so Windows Media Player will have to do.

  1. Smithereens - William Wilson from 11 (1989)
    I love this CD, prettty much everything. I heard them while a freshman in college on somebody's boom box and I was sold. I borrowed the CD and played it endlessly in my discman for a day and bought the CD later. This isn't my favorite song from the disc, but I like it. I always felt like there's some hidden meaning going on but never figured out what it was.
  2. U2 - Until the End of the World from Achtung Baby (1991)
    Not a song I'm familiar with, but not bad. I've got the CD so it's on my computer.
  3. First Call - Snap to It from Undiviided (1986)
    First Call is a jazz vocal group very similar to Manhattan Transfer. My sister turned me on to them years ago. This one is a snappy (get it? Heh.) a Capella number. Fun song. If you like vocal harmonies, you'll like this. This reminds me a bit of Take 6.
  4. Paul Simon - Under African Skies from Graceland (1986)
    Great CD, I've had this one since High School maybe.
  5. First Call - True Love from God is Good (1989)
    Wow, all 5 from my college years and two from First Call. This is not a Capella and is not nearly as good. A pretty mediocre pop-ish religious song frankly. This reminds me of a cross between early Amy Grant and Michael Bolton. Yeah.

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Welcome to FfF. I always like doing them (unfortunately for some stretches, it's all I do). :(

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  • Welcome to FfF. I always like doing them (unfortunately for some stretches, it's all I do). :(...

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