Five for Friday - Get 'er Done Edition

Metallica - Metallica.jpgAn "Ocassional Series" here at Inspired by Daniel at Alien Soil, I fire up Media Player on random and post the first 5 songs here.

Today, I'm up against a deadline at work. When I need to put my head down and get the work done, I put the headphones on and fire up my 'Metal' playlist (which is more 'Hard Rock' than just 'Metal'). Nothing gets the creative juices flowing and ramps up my productivity better. I'm on my lunch now, so I can get a FfF in.

Mom and Dad might want to look away. :-D

  1. Metallica - Wherever I May Roam from Metallica
    This is exactly what I'm talking about. Driving beat, aggressive. Just feels like hard work getting done. I'm not a Metallica fan-boy, but I love this album.
  2. Metallica - My Friend Misery from Metallica
    With a limited play list, it's not surprising that Metallica would come up twice. A little slower, but still a driving beat.
  3. Nelson - Bits and Pieces from After the Rain
    Well, this is actually kinda embarrassing. One, because not many folks would consider Nelson anything close to metal and two not many folks would admit to owning a Nelson album. I actually like it and the heavy guitars and driving beat fit with the theme here, even though most Metallica fans would cringe at Metallica and Nelson mentioned in the same context.
  4. Nelson - Will You love Me from After the Rain
    Figures, another Nelson tune. I was tempted to hit next and pretend it didn't happen, but that's not how FfF works. Not nearly as good and not as effective here. Frankly, neither Nelson tune is as effective as Metallica.
  5. Poison - Let it Play from Flesh & Blood
    Nelson might be stretched in to metal, but Poison I don't think so. A good, driving rock song, one of the best on the album.

Your turn, fire up your MP3 player, put your Get 'er Done Music on random and give me your list in the comments. Me, I gotta get back to work.

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This just came up, AWESOME Get 'er Done song:

Damn Yangees - Firefly from Don't Tread

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