02/18 Exodus 15:22-27, 16-18

Exodus 15:22-27, Exodus 16-18

Ex. 15:27, Ex. 16:1-22 - I love how God responds to their ungrateful whining by granting their request! How convicting is that as a Dad.

Ex. 16:13-30 - Isn't it amazing how, even when given an unearned, undeserved gift from God, we think we know better than God on what to do with it?

Ex. 17:1-7 - You've gotta love the people. They watched the signs and wonders in Egypt. God gives them free bread and still they ask "Is the Lord among us or not?" It's easy to look down, but how quickly do we doubt God when things go wrong? How quickly do we forget?

Ex. 17:14-16 - I wonder what wasn't written down.

Ex. 18:1-9 - I didn't realize that Mose was apart from his family this entire time. I can't imagine carrying that burden without Maria to lean on.

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