02/28 Exodus 32-33, 34:1-16, 27-35

Exodus 32-33, Exodus 34:1-16, Exodus 34:27-35

Ex. 32:1-7 - Aaron is so quick to agree! M

Ex. 32:7-10 - Just like a husband and wife, "look Moses what your people have done."

Ex. 32:11-14 - Moses isn't biting, still calls them God's people. And look at Moses reminding God that it's in His best interest to forgive, reminding God of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Isreal.
I wonder if God was only looking to reveal Moses' heart? Would He really have followed through? If so, then here it was the heart of man moving the heart of God. What was Moses' heart? Concern for God's honor and name and the people. And God's heart? Respect for Moses to turn from His anger and alter His plans.
God was active in the world at this time, but His actions were changed by one man's heart and "prayer."

Ex. 32:15-20 - Interesting how he was very comassionate until he actually saw what was going on. Then he was furious. Angry enough to break the tablets from God.

Ex. 32:21-24 - Back in Ex. 32:4 he's using a tool, now here it's magic!

Ex. 32:25 - Moses is not fooled, like a parent.

Ex. 32:29 - Set aprt for putting God above all, even their own brothers.

Ex. 32:30-35 - "Holy smokes, did you see what they did! Now please forgive them." :-) But look, Moses cares enough to tie his fate with theirs.

Ex. 33:1-3 - Still ready to do what he said and give them the promised land, even if He is discusted with them.

Ex. 33:11 - I have always loved this picture of Moses' business with God being done but Joshua hanging out with God some more.

Ex. 33:12-16 - Moses' desire and passion to know God, more than God has allowed and he pleads with God to go with them - for His sake not theirs, and in Ex. 33:17 he wins God's heart.

Ex. 33:17-23 - After winning God over, he still asks or more! (And gets it)

Ex. 34:1-7 - New tablets, chisled by Moses this time, not God.

Ex. 34:8-10 - Before it was a covenent with Abraham, Isaac and Isreal. Now it's Moses too.

Ex. 34:27-28 - Another 40 days, no calf this time.

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