03/14 Numbers 3:1-13, 7-8

Numbers 3:1-13, Numbers 8:5-26, Numbers 7, Numbers 8:1-4

Num. 3:11-13, Num. 8:16-18 - A trade. How did it feel to be a Levite and set apart by God like this? On one hand, encouraging, to be chosen by God! On the other hand - no freedom. Certainly they could walk away from their duties, but wouldn't that mean walking away from God and Isreal too?

Num. 8:5-13 - Shave their whole bodies! Ouch.

Num. 8:23-26 - Cool - you get 25 years free of obligation and manditory retirement at 50.

Num. 7:10-88 - I wonder why the Bible repeats the same offering 12 times? Why not just say "Each tribe gave ..." It seems like you could just skip to Num. 7:84-88 (and I did) and get teh whole picture. Is the repetition supposed to mean something to me?

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