03/15 Numbers 9:1-12, 1-2

Numbers 9:1-12, Numbers 1-2

Num. 9:1-12 - One year later. The memories of that night must have flooded to mind. I think about one year ago for me. It was about that time that Henry Kriete's infamous letter came to light about my family of churches. It forever chagned not only how I view my church, but God and my own faith. I've realized that I cannot take my knowledge for granted nor cna I just rest on my knowledge. I must keep digging and striving for truth. Truth is elusive to those who think that they've already found it.

Num. 1:46. - 600,000 plus men. It seems like a lot for three or so generations from Joseph. From 12 families to 600,000+ in three or four generations? And that's just the men of fighting age, no women, no children, no elderly. Do I misunderstand the time frame?

Num. 1:47-54 - Nor does it include the Levites!

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