03/17 Numbers 3:14-39, 4, 3:40-51

Numbers 3:14-39, Numbers 4, Numbers 3:40-51

Num. 4:1-15 - Related to my February 25th post, it was the responsibility of Aaron and his sons, and I assume the priests to follow, to take down the curtain and use it to cover the ark and then put the poles in place. The ark was covered and therefore the Kohathites protected from accidentally touching it. See also Num. 4:17-20. In 1 Chron. 13 a man dies as the ark is transported (on a cart, uncovered) and is often talked about as a pasasage that shows God's harshness and uncaring nature. But looking at these passages, it's clear that God set things up so that those charged with carying the ark would be protected. Poles to carry it with made it easy to do, and it was covered with 3 layers of fabric or hides. Additionally, the priests (Aaron and sons) was cautioned to be sure that they watch out for the Kohathites and make sure they are not put in danger. In 1 Chron. 13 these instructions and cautions are not heeded and a man pays for the shortcut.

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