In Jeruselem

John 7:2-53, John 8:1-11

John 7:32 - I can see my self acting like these Pharisees. Thinking I was the one to lead the people, protect them for being mislead about God I would do just what they did. I'd put up with Jesus for a time, but when he started leading the people 'astray' - them thinking he was the Christ - then enough would be enough. It would be time to act to protect the people. Of course, just as it was for them, it would be my pride acting to protect my authority and position as much as anything. My pride in thinking I know how the Christ will be that would keep me from making a real attempt to understand Jesus. I can see how easy it would be to be deceived. And it is today. We brush off folks that don't think or act like we do, even pouncing on them if the become 'dangerous'. Is there a need to protect from heretics? I suppose, but all too often they aren't heretics we just don't understand them and haven't taken the time to try to.

John 8:1-11 - I love this story, even if it's not a part of 'the most reliable manuscripts'. Lots of folks have wondered what Jesus was writing. I have a theory about that that was told to me several years ago. Well, not about what he was writing, but why he was writing. Examine the circumstances here. It was shortly after dawn (v. 2) when the teachers brought this woman in and she was 'caught in the act' (v. 4). Isn't it likely that she was caught the night before, perhaps even hours before? If so, isn't it likely that she was, lets say, sparsely clothed? If so, I would say that Jesus stooped to write on the ground for two simple reasons.

One, out of respect for this woman's privacy. The teachers had none, they were more concerned about trapping Jesus than justice (Where was the man?) or respect for her. I think that Jesus would have felt for her being dragged out in public with little on, made a spectical of and used as a pawn in someone else's ego trip.

Two, Jesus would want to avoid the temptation to lust and looking at a scantily clad woman would not be prudent. Nor would it set an example for those gathered around to learn from him.

Speculation? You bet, but it sounds plausible to me. :-)

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