John 8, 9 and 10

John 8:12-59, 9:1-41, 10:1-21

John 8:26 - Does Jesus mean here that he wants to tell them off (so to speak), but He's submitting to God who has other plans? In other words something like "I really want to deal with you and your pride right now, but God says not now. He's reliable, so I'll stick to just what he told me."

John 9:13-17 - This story seems so ridiculous, doesn't it? I mean, a man was blind and now can see, a miraculous healing, even by today's medically enlightened standards. Yet they are consumed with a less important violation of the law. God's love was shown to a man, poured out on him, and they would punish Jesus for it because, while it was a good thing, he did it in the wrong way. Certainly we would not be consumed with a legal issue of little significance in comparison with love shown to the helpless, would we? Yea, right, we do it all the time. Majoring in the trivial. Standing firm on the insignificant.

John 9:24-34 - I love how this uneducated outcast puts the elite in their place.

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