Raising Lazarus

John 11:1-54

John 11:5-16 - Jesus tries to speak of deeper things, but the disciples cannot see beyond the surface. Thomas' comments are indicative of his complete respect and trust in Jesus (If Jesus said that it was good that Lazarus died, then it would be good for us to die too!), but also his inability to see what Jesus saw.

John 11:20 - Was this after Luke 10? If so, Martha has learned something since then. Before, she was busy making preparations while Mary ignored those responsibilities to be with Jesus. Now that tables are tuned. With visitors from out of town showing sympathy, there was much to do. Yet it is Martha, not Mary, who leaves all of that to greet Jesus.

John 11:25-26 - Was Jesus referring to our physical death and then going to heaven, or the transformation that takes place when we die to ourselves when we become Christians?

John 11:45-48 - What sort of mind looks at a man raised from the dead and thinks that it's trouble, something that must be reported to the authorities. And then they are distressed that folks might believe in him! It's amazing how powerful a preconceived notion can be. It's something I've called intellectual inertia. We approach an analysis with the end result already in mind, therefore the facts are of no use to us. The urge to believe what we already believe is so powerful and overwhelming.

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