[QT's with Jessica] - John 3

My Summer time Bible Readings with 11 year old Jessica.

John 3:1-20

Dou you have any questions?

J -Why did Nicodemus go at night?

He was a Pharisee, which was like a leader in the Jewish 'church'. Do you remember what the Jewish leaders thought about Jesus?

J - I don't think they liked him.

Right, so Nicodemus went at might because he did want the other Pharisees to know he was curious about Jesus.

What does Jesus say at the end (John 3:19-20) about things done at night?

J - I understand 19 more than 20.

What does 19 mean?

J- Jesus came to help people believe in God, but people love to do what Satan want them to do.

It says, not that they loved to do evil, but that they loved the dark because they did evil. That way no one would see what they did.

J- At church my class talked about light and dark. We talked about the light being God and dark being Satan.

A lot of times in the Bible that's true, light=good, dark=evil.

So if we're dong bad things do you think it always means actual darkness (John 3:20)?

J - No

What does it mean if its not just darkness

J - I don't know maybe jealousy or something like that?

When you play hide and seek do you always hide in dark places?

J - Usually not, unless its dark out.

This talks about people hiding so others can't see them.

J - Basically hiding their sin so no one else can see.

Right. Are you tempted to hide your sin, to do what your not supposed to do when we or you teachers are not looking?

J - Yes.

But God can see, God always knows. You can't hide from God. Jesus says that people who follow God won't hide what they do, because they are trying to do the right thing. Not only that, but when they are in a place that's hidden, they won't want to do bad things. When you are not around Mom and Dad or teachers, what kind of things do you do or want to do? What words do you say? The things you do when there's no one watching says a lot about the kind of person you are.

John 3:21-36


J -Why did John talk about a bride and groom?

It's an example. Remember why John said he came? He came to prepare the way for Jesus. So he means that it's not about him any more, Jesus is here. Just like when there's a wedding people don't look at the friends once the bride and groom arrive, the people shouldn't be concerned about John now that Jesus is here.

J - I have another question. What's a witness?

Witness means to see. You see something, you witness it. 'To witness' also means to tell about what you what you know or have seen.

J - Like I witness you typing right now?


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