[QT's with Jessica] - John 4:27-54

(Oops! I forgot to post these notes from last week!)

My Summer time Bible Readings with 11 year old Jessica.

John 4:27-38

Any questions?

J - What are benefits (John 4:38)

That means rewards or the good things. Like if you work to clean your room and someone else gets to play in it. They get the benefefit of the clean room.

Do you understand what he means when he talks about his food?

J - Sort of, kinda, - not really.

Well, what does food do for you?

J - It makes you not hungry?

Why are you hungry?

J - You haven't eaten for a while? I'm just guessing.

You need food because you need energy. So what is Jesus saying about what gives him energy (John 4:32-34)?

J - It's funny when they say "Did someone bring him food?"

But what is Jesus saying about what gives him energy?

J - He says his food is to do God's work. He uses energy to do God's work?

Do we use energy when we get food or get it?

J - Get it.

So he's saying that doing God's work gives him energy. So the disciples didn't understand why he was talking to her, but Jesus was doing Gods work by teaching her.

John 4:39-42

So what do you think was Jesus' and God's work in that place?

J - It was making more Samaritans to believe in him because they saw him for themselves.

John 4:43-54

Any questions or anything that you think was cool?

J - It was cool that Jesus was just standing there and said "your son will live" and he did. He didn't even have to go there.

I think that's cool too. Notice that the man believed, but he still checked the time and then he really believed. You know why?

J - No.

Because even though he believed he still had some doubts. It cool to me because I can be like that sometimes and Jesus wasn't mad at him for not having a lot of faith at first, he still healed his son. So that means Jesus won't be mad at me if I don't have a lot of faith at first.

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