02/03 Exodus 1-4, 6:14-27

Exodus 1-4, Exodus 6:14-27

Ex. 1:8 - How long has passed?

Did he not know or not care? Surely the history of Joseph was known.

Ex. 1:15-22 - They stood up for what's right and then lied about it?!? God's response - He "was kind to [them]" and "gave them families of their own."

Ex. 1:22 - Did Pharaoh's order apply to his family?

Ex. 2:5-10 - God rewards the mom for her act of faith.

Ex. 2:15 - I hadn't remembered that Pharaoh was after Moses.

Ex. 2:23-25 - God sees and cares.

Ex. 3:1-6 - When God saw him come over - was this a test? What if Moses hadn't cared?

Ex. 3:6 - Moses had obviously heard of God. Interesting that the new king of Egypt (Ex. 1:8) didn't respect the history of his people's relationship with Joseph, but Moses, several generations removd, respects God. God is evidentally a big part of Hebrew culture.

Ex. 3:7-9 - "I'm going to resue them." "Good," I imagine Moses thought. "I wonder how ..."

Ex. 3:10 - "GO!"

Ex. 3:10-12 - Interestingly, the sign of validity requires faith for it to come true!

God was amazingly silent through much of Genesis, now he speaks volumes!

Ex. 3:10-17 - Even in his anger, God provides for Moses' need. A need that made God angry. Much is made of Moses' miraculous survival, but Aaron survived too!

Ex. 4:21-23 - Isreal - God's first born son. What of Abraham? Noag? Enoch?

Ex. 4:27-28 - How is it that Aaron is free from Egypt?

Ex. 6:14-27 - The answer of question of how much time has passed: Isreal to Levi (Joseph's brother) to Kohath to Amram to Moses. Three generations from Joseph to Moses.

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