02/05 Exodus 5, 6:1-13, 7-8

Exodus 5, Exodus 6:1-13, Exodus 7-8

Ex. 5:1-5 - Interesting, the group has taken the name of the man Isreal.

Ex. 5:6-14 - Interesting parallel to today. Today people, just like Pharaoh, laugh and call the dream of a better place lies and foolish.

Ex. 5:15-21 - "You load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them." (Luke 11:46)

Typical of uncaring leadership. UNreasonable demands, critical and unrelenting when they are not met.

Ex. 5:22-23, Ex. 6:1 - Look at God here: Moses is in God's face! Why? I did what's rigth and it got worse! And you haven't done what you said you would! But God does not react to Moses' indignant and even disrespectful attitude. He's patient. You'll see Moses.

Ex. 6:2 - A new name for GOd. Is this the begining as well of a new role for God, too, as Lord? It does seem that God did not exercise much authority prior to this.

Ex. 6:2-9 - "Then you will know". After. God understands they don't believe it yet.

Ex. 7:1-7 - Moses whines "If my people won't listen why should Pharaoh? I'm not good enough to do this." God says (ignoring the faithlessness and complaining and selfishness) "As far as Pharaoh's concerned, you're God." Wow.

Ex. 7:8-13 - I love the fact that though they did the same thing, Aaron's snake ate theirs.

Ex. 7:25, Ex. 8:1-15 - It's starting to get to him. Moses is getting more confident. God did what Moses said to do!

Ex. 8:16-19 - Now the magicians can't even do it adn Pharaoh is a bit more humble.

Ex. 8:20-24 - Was there no distinction before?

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