02/10 Exodus 12, 13:1-16

Exodus 12:1-20, Exodus 12:43-49, Exodus 12:21-28, Exodus 12:50, Exodus 12:29-36, Exodus 12:51, Exodus 12:37-42, Exodus 13:1-16

Ex. 12:1-13 - Choose on the 10th, kill it on the 14th. Hmm.

Kill at twilight, blood on the door of the house where you'll eat it and eat it that night. busy night!

Ex. 12:14-20 - A day to remember.

Cut off for eating yeast!

Do nothing but prepare food for 7 days (or is it just days 1 & 2?)

All to remember the day ythat God rescued them.

Ex. 12:43-49 - If an alien wants to particpate, not only he but all men in his house must be circumcised!

Ex. 12:21-28 - An interesting contrast to how they recieved Moses and Aaron initially. Having watched all the plagues, they have grown a healthy respect fo them.

Ex. 12:29-32 - "For there was not a house without someone dead." Whoa. That sends chills down my spine each time I read it.

During the night Pharaoh came. From arogant to urgent.

Ex. 12:33-36 - "Go! Get out!"

Ex. 12:37-39 - Interesting that it was without yeast becasue of haste not a command. But look at the instructions in Ex. 12:21-28 - nothing about bread.

Ex. 13:1-2 - God took the first born from Egypt, now He commands the Isrealites to give up theirs.

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