02/14 Exodus 13:17-22, 14, 15:1-21

Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus 14, Exodus 15:1-21

Ex. 13:17-22 - They were armed for battle, but God sent them the long way to avoid war. They thought they were ready for battle, butGod didn't so He protected them. Did God thwart their will? Not necessarily, they had already decided to follow God out and put htemselves in His hands. They decided to give Him control and He acted in the way He thought best for them.

When Joseph made those satements there was no reason to "come to their aid." Was this sort of a general faith in God's love or a prediction of trouble?

Ex. 14:1-4 - It's sometimes hard to read these acounts of Pharaoh because it seems that God is using him just to get His own glory.

Ex. 14:10-14 - ow quickly the people forget what God has done! Aren't we the same way? Remember! Wife, family,friends, Bible, Jesus, BG &JG, JB, TW, Nonny, church - but more than that, remember how God has acted. How I prayed and Maria came into my life. How I prayed to know God better and do what ever He wanted me to and I met YS and NK and became a Christian. How I longed to see the truthover the past year and I've grown so much closer to Him.

Moses had faith, absolute confidence, that God would take care of them. God was ready to do so, but rebuked Moses for not acting! His faith was not enough. Lesson: We can't just sit and wait for God to rescue us or to act. We must know Him and act in faith.

Ex. 14:19-20 - God's protection while Isreal gets their act together.

Ex. 14:21-25 - I like the fact that the language does not allow for some natural drying of he sea to produce a pathway accross. A wall on the right and on the left.

Ex. 14:30-31 - How long did it all take? Parting the sea, traveling through (walking over the sea plants and stuff), the sea returning and the bodes washing up on shore. Longer than we think, I bet.

Ex. 15:1-18 - Is this the first recorded song to the Lord?

The people in general did not have this kind of love for God. They had not been exposed to His love and might. Through all of this God has been making Himself known to them. I am begining to see the whole Bible as God's revelation of Himself to mankind, now complete for us to share.

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