[QT's with Jessica] - Psalm 1-2

A year or two ago, my oldest daughter and I used to read the Bible together in the mornings. We didn't do it for very long, but she evidently remembered it. A few weeks ago she asked when we could do it again, so I decided this would be a good summer time activity.

We decided to read together on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and we got started this past Wednesday. I'm going to try to post notes on our conversations, these are the notes from Wednesday and today.

I asked her what she wanted to read and she said Psalms, so that's where we started. I think that's a bit deep at times for an 11 year old, so I asked if we could switch over to reading John so that's what we'll be doing come Monday.

This will likely be as good for Dad as it is for Jessica (or Emily, who's 9 and will join us sometimes). We're reading from the New International Reader's Version, or NIrV.

Wednesday - Psalm 1

What is the law of the lord (Psalm 1:2)?

E - His commands.
J - The Bible.

If you were a tree, where would you want to be (Psalm 1:3)?

J - Near a streams of water

Would you want to be straw (Psalm 1:4)?

J - No!

Do you want everything you do to turn out well (Psalm 1:3)?

E - Yes

So, what should you do?

E - Obey God's law.

What does it mean to be Godly (Psalm 1:6)?

J- It means you trust in God & you are a Christian. You read the bible and you believe that God is there and you trust him like a good friend - like you've been friends since in kindergarten.

Being Godly is more than that. It means you obey God (Psalm 1:1) and do the things you he wants you to do.

What can you do today that you learned from Psalm 1?

J - Be good and obey Mom and that would be just like obeying Jesus.

Friday - Psalm 2

God is using symbols in Psalm 2:6. Symbols are like the walk sign down town shaped like a man.

Psalm 2:1-5 are not symbols, but are talking about big general ideas. It talks about nations and kings in general, not specific kings or countries.

J - 'Big Idea' reminds me of veggie tales.

What do the nations do (Psalm 2:1-2)?

J - Plan evil.

How do nations stand against God (Psalm 2:1-2)?

J - Like smoking is bad and if one person smokes, another might follow their example and then another ..

Especially if a leader of the nation does evil then the people will follow.

J -Like the president or the government.


God talks about a son, who is that?

J- Jesus

But this was written hundreds of years before Jesus was born. How did the person who wrote this know about Jesus?

J - Maybe God told him somehow?

I think so.

The end is the part we should think about because the rest is mostly symbols & big ideas, but the end talks about Jesus.

Does Jesus really rule (Psalm 2:8-9) like we think about rulers?

J -No

But he's in charge isn't he?

J - Yep.

What does it say we should do with Jesus (Psalm 2:12)?

J -Obey him completely or he will be angry.

Most people don't like to think of Jesus being angry, but this says disobedience makes him angry.

J - If people knew that God created us they would be grateful because if it weren't for God we wouldn't be here and some of our favorite things have happened. Like graduating from 5th grade.

What does it say about our way?

J - Our way of like leads to death.

What does our way mean?

J -I don't know.

Well, there's God's and our way. Can you think of something that God wants you to do that you don't?

J - Hmmmm - Oh, I know, read the Bible but I don't always read it.

That's a good example because in the Bible we find out who God is, what he's like and what he wants us to be. I don't read my Bible as much as I should either, so I'm glad we're doing this together.

If we don't read at all or rarely, then we won't know about him and that way - which is our way - leads to death.

Do you think God means death like a funeral?

J - It's hard to explain, but I think it means death in Jesus.

I think it means heaven or hell

J - That's what I mean.

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Very nice. J is a smart thoughtful girl.

Extremely touching. I know what I am going to do with my daughter this summer (in truth, we started the book of John, but we're not having great conversations like that!) I am totally inspired!

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